How to Tell if Tree Needs Water: Guide for the Summer

While summer is an excellent time for lounging underneath your garden trees with a cool drink, you should never forget that your trees need as much respite from the intense heat as you do! During summer, you must ensure that your tree receives the right amount of water to stay healthy.  

It can be challenging to determine how much water your tree needs during the summer. It depends on the individual tree’s species, age, and health status. For example, mature trees need less water than growing trees. 

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Signs Your Tree Needs Watering

Visual cues are the easiest way to tell when it is time to water your tree. You’ll notice signs such as:

  • Wilting or curled leaves
  • Drooping branches
  • Stunted growth
  • Off-colored leaves
  • Scorched leaf margins

You can also use the screwdriver test to determine whether you need to water your tree. Use a screwdriver to penetrate the soil around your tree roots. If the ground is hard, you need to water your plant. This method works best for loam or clay soils. Sandy soils need frequent watering since water drains quickly from this soil. 

How Tree Age Affects Water Needs

Your tree’s age determines the amount of water it needs to stay healthy during the summer. Generally, younger trees require more frequent watering compared to well-established trees. This guide will help you better gauge how to tell if your tree needs water.

Young Trees (Less Than Three Years)

Newly-planted trees have the highest risk for drought stress. Since these trees have not established the required root system to thrive, a lack of water can quickly kill them. Typically, you will need to put at least ten gallons of water a week per tree. Make sure that the root ball is thoroughly soaked. 

Semi-Mature Trees (Three to Five Years)

Semi-mature trees need around five to seven gallons a week per tree. Generally, these trees already have extensive root systems, so you just need to ensure that the ground is thoroughly wet. If you have clay or loam soil, you should only water your trees once a week since the water will not run off or evaporate quickly. 

Mature Trees (Five Years or Older)

Mature trees need the least frequent watering schedule. Typically, you will only need to water mature trees once every four weeks. However, the watering schedule may vary depending on the species and the soil type.

For example, evergreen trees are usually planted in loam soil. While loam holds water well, evergreens are vulnerable to drought stress. This means that you need to keep the ground soaked throughout the summer. 

Can You Overwater a Tree?

In a nutshell, yes. Too frequent waterings can be detrimental to your tree’s health. If you apply too much water to your tree without allowing the soil to drain, you can essentially drown it. Excess water can also lead to root rot. 

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