How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree in Mississippi?


Trees can do wonders for any home’s visual appeal. However, when they die or become infected with a disease, they leave your property looking shabby and squalid. So, how much does it cost to remove a tree?

The tree experts at Professional Tree Service are here to teach you everything you need to know about tree removal and what you can expect to pay for professional tree removal.

Professional Tree Service is one of Gulfport, MS’s most trusted tree removal services. Our team has extensive experience maintaining and removing trees of all shapes and sizes, giving us the skills we need to handle all your tree care needs. If you want your property to reach its full visual potential, you need excellent tree services by Professional Tree Service in Gulfport, MS.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove a Tree?

The cost of tree removal services in Mississippi varies from $270 to $1,210, depending on the tree’s location, condition, height, and accessibility. For example, large maple trees in hard-to-reach areas typically cost more to remove than smaller palm trees in easily accessible regions. Other factors that elevate tree removal prices in Mississippi include:

  • The tree requires a crane to remove safely
  • Active power lines surround the tree
  • You request emergency tree removal services
  • The project requires additional crew members
  • You need multiple trees removed at the same time
  • The project takes numerous days

However, some elements can reduce tree removal prices if they make the process less strenuous. These elements include:

  • You schedule tree removal services in the off-season
  • The tree has already fallen
  • The project doesn’t require a bucket truck, crane, or extra equipment

Although professional tree removal usually costs $740 on average, every company charges different rates. Below are the average prices to remove trees based on their height.

  • 20-foot tree: $200-$400
  • 40-foot tree: $400-$680
  • 60-foot tree: $600-$1,020
  • 80-foot tree: $800- $1,360

If you find yourself asking, “How much does it cost to remove a tree?” Contact your tree service and ask for an estimate before hiring its team. It’s best to shop around and compare prices before committing to a specific company.

Why Choose Professional Tree Service?

At Professional Tree Service, nothing is more important than our client’s satisfaction. We utilize industry-leading tools and techniques to ensure our customers receive outstanding tree removal services every time they contact our team.

Our experienced arborists take a steadfast approach to tree removal and will expel the tree swiftly without affecting your property. We treat your estate as our own and do everything in our power to preserve its appearance throughout the removal process.

Once we remove your tree, we clean the area and haul the remnants away to dispose of them in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Our team keeps you informed throughout the process and will ensure all your needs meet before leaving your home.

From oversized maple trees to tall palm trees, no tree removal project is too big or too small for the Professional Tree Service team.

Contact Professional Tree Service for High-quality Tree Removal in Gulfport, MS

Next time you ask yourself, “How much does it cost to remove a tree?” contact Professional Tree Service. Our team will remove your unwanted trees safely and efficiently without surpassing your budget. You are always our number one priority, and we hope you choose us for all your tree removal needs.

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