4 Benefits of Tree Cabling You Should Know 

Trees exposed to harsh UV radiation, blustering winds, and rapidly changing weather conditions may require tree cabling. However, this technique is not easy to master without highly experienced tree service professionals in Ocean Springs. The wrong approach could even cause significant damage to the tree.

What does cabling involve? Below, the team from Professional Tree Service explains what you need to know.

Which Trees Need Cabling To Survive? 

Cabling literally involves attaching cables to a tree in a way that gives it more support. However, not all trees will benefit from this tried-and-tested technique in Mississippi. It is best for trees with the following:

  • Structural integrity issues from unsuitable soil conditions, insect infestations, or wood rot 
  • Prolonged exposure to hazardous diseases
  • Other conditions that stifle tree growth

Is the tree’s growth pattern or angle reducing your Ocean Springs property’s curb appeal? Cabling might be a solution.

Four Benefits of Tree Bracing or Cabling

If you want your trees to thrive, various factors need to come together. For example, you can stimulate growth for healthier trees and help them recover quickly from damage with the following combination:

  • High-quality soil
  • Essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen
  • Fertilizers
  • Regular watering

When experts conduct tree health assessments, the process includes soil quality tests to help them create the perfect environment for growing trees. Cabling adds to this process by mitigating wind damage and other issues.

Four benefits of supporting trees this way include the following:

#1 Supports Weak Branches 

Young trees lack the strength to withstand Mississippi’s weather year-round. High winds snap weak branches while exposing feeder roots and heartwood to rot, insects, frost cracks, and more. Proper tree cabling reinforces these branches with steel ropes staked securely into the ground. 

#2 Reduces Safety Concerns

Broken branches pose a serious safety risk for pedestrians and property. However, even larger branches may collapse under the stress of wind, snowfall, or rainstorms. If those weak branches are adjacent to power lines, the results range from dangerous electrical fires to the potential electrocution of passersby!

Thankfully, tree specialists use cables to save trees from damaging windows, causing bodily harm, and redirecting branches away from structures, public roads, homes, and businesses.

#3 Protects The Rootball

Rootballs require time to settle in the subsoil. Young trees supported by undersized rootballs won’t develop healthy root systems or stand up for long.

Can you easily maneuver the rootball by putting slight pressure on the tree base? Durable steel cables counter strong winds while securing rootball systems. 

#4 Preserves Tree Health

Dying trees may not always require tree removal services if cabling is a viable option. With the right support, trees can be resilient enough to recover from rot, moisture deprivation, insect damage, wind damage, diseases, poor soil conditions, and many other health challenges.

When to Use a Professional Tree Service

Tree experts typically recommend cabling in the fall as trees enter their dormancy period. Doing it during colder months competes with heavy snowfall that may damage the branches, bark, or rootballs with no time for them to recover. 

If you want high-quality services, choose professional arborists that understand the best techniques for supporting healthy trees, thriving root systems, and robust upper crown growth. Improperly installed tree cables can put tremendous pressure on tree bark and trunk, so be sure to hire only ISA-certified arborists.

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