How To Straighten a Curved Tree Trunk

Sometimes, trees lean and curve due to strong winds, inadequate sunlight, and other environmental factors. These trees face a higher risk of falling and can cause extensive property damage and injuries if they land on your home. Fortunately, you can learn how to straighten a curved tree trunk with this guide from Professional Tree Service.

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how to straighten a curved tree trunk

Six Steps for Tree Straightening in Biloxi, Mississippi

Straightening a curved tree trunk can enhance a tree’s health while ensuring your property remains safe and appealing. Follow the steps below to learn how to straighten a curved tree trunk in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Step One: Purchase the Supplies

Before straightening your tree, you need to buy the necessary materials. Visit your local hardware store and purchase the following:

  • A tree stake
  • A ratchet strap
  • A mallet or sledgehammer
  • Rubber tubing

Step Two: Plant the Stake

Once you have the equipment, use the mallet or sledgehammer to drill the stake into the ground. You want to plant the stake about 18 inches away from the tree at a 15-degree angle to avoid damaging the root system. The stake should be on the opposite side of the curvature.

Step Three: Feed the Strap Through the Rubber Tubing

Next, push the ratchet strap through the rubber tubing to protect the tree from damage. Securing the straps without rubber padding can cause it to cut into the tree’s trunk, leading to irreversible damage. You can also use an old garden hose if you don’t have rubber tubing.

Step Four: Wrap the Padded Strap Around the Tree and Stake

Once you place the rubber tubing around the strap, wrap it around the tree and stake. You want the strap about 18 inches above the ground. However, if you have a small, flimsy tree, you can secure the strap a bit lower. 

Step Five: Secure the Strap

After wrapping the strap around the tree and stake, tighten it to ensure it doesn’t come loose. 

However, you don’t want the strap too tight since you want the tree to sway a bit in the wind. Swaying helps trees develop strong root systems that keep them in place during turbulent weather.

Also, you’ll need to monitor the strap frequently and resecure it if it becomes loose.

Step Six: Remove the Stake After a Year

After one growing season, you can remove the straps and stake. If done correctly, the tree’s trunk will run vertically, eliminating the curvature.

Keep in mind that this tree straightening method only works on young and moderately sized trees. Reversing curved trunks on large trees requires a much more strenuous process and often involves digging trenches around the tree. 

Consider contacting a professional arborist to correct large curved tree trunks since it’s exceedingly complicated and laborious. Arborists understand the best straightening methods and will provide exceptional tree maintenance to help your trees look their best year-round.

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