What Are the Dangers of Dead Tree Removal in Biloxi, MS?

Do you see a dead tree in your yard that you want gone? Perhaps you’ve seen or heard advice on how to cut down dead trees on your own. However, experts suggest hiring arborists, so you don’t have to face the hazards of cutting down dead trees.

Professional Tree Service provides highly rated tree services in Biloxi, MS, and nearby cities. Read more to see what our team knows about the dangers of removing a dead tree and why you should leave these duties to experts.

dangers of felling a dead tree

3 Risks of Removing a Deceased Tree

Tree removal often takes more experience and knowledge than you may expect. Even hobbyist gardeners can face dangers and safety concerns in tree cutting. What makes cutting down and removing a dead tree so dangerous?

#1. Physical Injuries From Tools

One reason tree industry workers can remove a dead tree comes from their experience working with the necessary tools. Chainsaws, log splitters, woodchippers, and other tree removal devices require proper training for safe use.

However, you can buy tools like chainsaws at a home improvement store. Anyone can purchase one and try to cut down a tree.

A single slip, a moment of distraction, or a failure to protect yourself can lead to severely debilitating injuries, like slashes, crushes, or limb loss. Then, you may also need to pay potentially exuberant medical costs. Of course, that is if the dangers of removing a dead tree do not result in your untimely passing.

#2. Unnecessary Danger and Damage

Even if you live in a more rural area, you should not expose yourself or any household members to potential risks in dead tree removal unnecessarily.

Dead trees can host many venomous insects, creatures, and toxic plants and contain poisonous fluids. Even if you use the tools correctly, you can still get in unwanted contact with these dangerous creatures and substances. You could also release toxic dangers into your property for other household members to stumble upon without knowing.

One of the main safety concerns in tree removal includes keeping situational awareness and protecting people, pets, and property. A team of experts will generally know more about what to look for and how to do it than the general homeowner.

#3. Suburban Accidents

One of the main cautionary aspects of tree removal includes noting where and how the tree will fall. Dead trees often uproot or fall over, leaning on power lines or falling onto cars during storms. If you work on cutting down a tree, you expose yourself and your neighbors to the same risk.

The difference between you and an expert doing the job is that they have the training to mitigate the dangers of removing a dead tree.

Proper arboriculture care professionals also have licensing and insurance in case of any accidents that occur while they work. The general homeowner likely doesn’t have the same qualifications, tools, or protections. So, if you cut down a tree that causes a hazard, you may face fees, injure others, or unintentionally cause someone’s death.

Let Us Face the Dangers of Dead Tree Removal for You

When you have dead trees in your yard, you’re already dealing with a potential hazard. Professional Tree Service can deal with the rest. We have built the experience to control dead trees better, face potential injuries, and handle damaged property reimbursement in Biloxi for over 15 years.

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