How to Brace a Large Leaning Tree in Biloxi, MS?

Most of the time when a tree needs help, it’s young and vulnerable. Thin, still-growing trees often benefit from tree bracing techniques to stay upright during their most fragile years. Still, once grown, even a large tree’s roots can betray them for various reasons and fail to support their bulk properly.

When a good gardener steps in with methods for anchoring a leaning tree, it may even end up saving the tree’s life. Here’s more about how to brace a large leaning tree from the team at Professional Tree Service, a tree service contractor in Biloxi, MS.

How to Brace Large Leaning Tree

When a tree starts to lean, it isn’t a problem a property owner will want to ignore for long. It is one of the most prominent signs that the roots have gone wrong and that your tree may be facing an imminent fall.

If you know all the basic steps behind stabilizing a tilted tree, you can help prevent falls and, sometimes, having to remove the tree due to ill health. Tree experts will take the following steps when propping up a leaning tree:

Step #1: Brace the Tree With Stakes

Quite similarly to a young, thin tree, learning how to brace a large leaning tree begins with stakes. Find which portion of your tree faces upwind, and then secure three stakes about 18 inches deep or so toward your tree. A 45-degree angle handles most resistance levels.

Step #2: Straighten the Tree

Other than simple stabilization, one of the best methods to secure a leaning tree is stopping the lean. If your tree’s soil and roots are malleable enough, you can correct your tree’s ‘posture’ almost immediately. When attempting to straighten your leaning tree, apply gradual force without straining the trunk or uprooting it.

Step #3: Anchor and Settle the Tree

After tying your tree up and giving it the support it needs, experts will hold those supports in place via cable, straps, or wires. These are specialized materials with the kinds of straps that won’t harm a tree’s bark. When using wire instead of wrapping, don’t tie the cord around the entire tree; rather brace the anchor with specialist straps, burlap, or some other material that can protect the bark beneath it.

Why You Should Anchor a Large Tree (and When)

Normally, when you have a tree that requires bracing and anchoring, the specimen is still young and thin. That’s a lot easier to manage than a full-size tree. 

If you’re beyond that point and wondering how to brace a large leaning tree, you’ll notice a big tree can be a lot more challenging to stabilize. Regardless of the tree’s age, support for leaning trees can save them if you know how to secure them correctly, so consider calling for professional help.

Signs That It’s Time To Get Your Leaning Tree Some Help

When should you support your tree? Look for the following issues:

  • Roots protruding out of the ground
  • Unstable soil around the tree
  • Winds and storms contribute to the tree’s lean
  • A poorly planted tree

All of the signs above can contribute to a leaning tree, which may ultimately kill it. Tree experts can ensure you do this correctly because incorrectly bracing your tree could worsen instead of improve the situation.

Trust Your Local Tree Experts

Now that you know how to brace a large leaning tree, you may need a tree specialist to answer questions or undertake the bracing process safely. If you’re in the Biloxi, MS, area, contact Professional Tree Service for expert tree care and advice. Schedule your free consultation at 228-669-9388 today!

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