What is The Three-Cut Technique Used for in Long Beach, MS?

If you’ve ever needed pruning for a tree you love, hopefully, you’ve taken the right first step–hiring a professional tree service. If you want to know more about what a certified arborist will do to your tree, you’ll want to include the question, “What is the three-cut technique used for?” 

Professional Tree Service, a Long Beach superior tree trimming specialist, explains this common pruning practice below.

what is the three-cut technique used for

Why Ask a Professional to Prune Your Tree?

Impeding or dying branches often halt healthy tree growth and pose a danger to people, animals, or even roofs within their reach. Other times, your tree may need pruning as a bit of a beautification treatment for your yard’s overall appeal. Whatever the case may be, there are different tree pruning methods that help get the job done for each case.

For example, one limb removal technique focuses on keeping a tree from dying. These pruning safety measures focus on compartmentalizing decaying limbs while identifying and preserving healthy ones. Even proper tree trimming methods help eradicate disease while preserving as much of the tree as possible, including the three-cut method.

The Three-Cut Method: Arborist Cutting Techniques To Keep Everyone Safe

What is the three-cut technique used for? It is just another tree branch-cutting method that arborists use to get your tree into a healthy state so that it can thrive. This three-cut method is also an approach to keep the arborists who are pruning the tree safe. No matter what tree you find yourself trying to prune, this is a method that can help the tree and prevent injury to the person pruning it.

To start your three-cut method, you’ll first need to learn which branch to cut. Once you’ve identified the portion of your branch where the bark rises just along the joint, you can use either a hand saw or a chainsaw to cut the branch. Professional arborists will always start cutting your tree at the branch bank ridge and branch collar, following the three-cut method outlined below to keep the team safe and sound:

Step 1: The First Cut–Bottom

While it may seem a little silly to start cutting anything from the bottom, there’s a method to the madness. Your tree’s first cut should be at the bottom, right at the branch collar, and about one-third of the way through the branch. This prevents the bark from peeling down the tree, which could leave the rest of the tree open to infection after the pruning.

Step 2: The Second Cut–Top

For the second cut, an arborist will slice down above the tree’s bank ridge. This position helps the branch detach from the tree cleanly. That way, when you make your final cut, the severance will allow new growth easily.

Step 3: The Third and Final Cut

The final cut made will be through the bank ridge and the branch collar. This results in a clean cut all the way through, which is good for healing and future healthy tree growth.

Let Professional Tree Service Solve All Your Tree Needs

So, what is the three-cut technique used for? Now that you know, you might want to ask a local arborist to demonstrate this handy pruning technique for you or, even better, take care of the details and keep your trees healthy. At Professional Tree Service in Long Beach, you’ll get safe pruning as well as competitive prices on:

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