How To Stop Tree Root Sprouts in Long Beach, MS

Healthy trees have a healthy root system, but sometimes it can be a tad inconvenient when it comes to sucker growth. Root suckers, or root sprouts, are saplings that emerge from the root system of healthy trees, and while they’re a sign of a great root system below, they can make for a big tripping hazard. If you want to learn how to stop tree root sprouts, read on in this article by Professional Tree Service, a Long Beach top tree trimming company.

Should I Remove Tree Root Sprouts?

Before deciding on root sprout removal, first consider all the aspects of your tree and if you want to take the time to risk a time-consuming venture.

If your tree is old, consider leaving tree root sprouts alone. Sprout suckers are extensions of natural roots; damaging them might mean more harm for a tree than good, especially if it is already frail or otherwise old and sensitive to such changes. When in doubt, consider checking in with your local arborist to get a better picture of your situation so that you can make an informed decision.

How To Remove Tree Root Sprouts

If you’ve decided to learn how to stop tree root sprouts, then ready your pruning shears.

Address Root Sprouts Quickly

Be sure to take care of tree root sprouts quickly. Without proper and somewhat aggressive trimming, root sprouts can become a rampant issue that crawls over the surface of the entire yard. If left unchecked, they can grow into large roots that are much harder to remove with pruning shears or lawn edgers.

Consider Rock Salt

If you aren’t keen on using blades to solve your issue, other methods can accomplish the same task. Consider rock salt, a natural option that stops root suckers in their tracks by dehydrating them. Just as natural salt can ruin a field, isolated instances of generous rock salt can keep roots from overtaking your yard.

Target Small Roots First

When cutting roots, be sure to address the smallest ones first. The smaller the root sprouts are, the easier they are to handle, no matter if you are using rock salt, shears, or a mower blade. Conquering the small roots helps manage the problem more effectively while mitigating damage to other plants and grass nearby.

Use Herbicides Sparingly

If you want to use an alternative method like herbicide, use immense caution. While herbicide is an option you can deploy, this method is dangerous for the rest of the plant if you don’t know what you’re doing. Think of herbicide as a poison for your tree; if you use too much, you could risk damaging the entire root system instead of just ridding yourself of root suckers.

Herbicides can damage the roots of not just the trees you treat but of other plants in your lawn. If you have a nearby tree that doesn’t have root sprouts, using herbicide could risk damage to that root system as well. Before learning how to stop tree root sprouts with herbicide, consult an expert to learn how to properly wield it first.

Work With the Tree Experts

Now that you know how to stop tree root sprouts, why not get the rest of your pertinent tree questions answered with Professional Tree Service? Our veteran arborists would be happy to answer any of your tree or plant-related questions, such as different tree-cut techniques for pruning or how to plant a new tree in your yard without damaging it. With Professional Tree Service, your satisfaction is our priority; to call us for a consultation or appointment, reach out at 228-669-9388.

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